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Debt Defense

Too many people never even speak to an attorney when they are being sued for some debt collection. I was surprised to learn how many people simply don't fight debt collection. I have had success defending mortgage foreclosures, credit card debts, and even college loan debts. Many times these debts are bought and sold and the owner of the debt does not possess the proper paperwork to even get to trial against a person.


Before you lose your home or take a hit to your credit score, be sure to speak with an attorney and know your options.

As with every area of law, it is important that the client trust the attorney who represents them. When you call my office, you will either talk to me or leave a message that comes straight to me, no middle man. I offer up free 20-30 minute consultations.

Call to find out if Nicholas A. Frisk III is the right attorney for you.

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