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Protection From Abuse (PFA)

The fact that PFA needs its own space on this website is cause enough for the red flags to be lifted. Although listed as “civil” and not “criminal,” PFA’s have ramifications reaching well outside the courtroom. Did you know many employers, especially Union employers, will terminate a person if they have a PFA against them?


Unfortunately, PFA’s are sometimes used as a vehicle to get one spouse removed from the marital residence, resulting in the other spouse getting the upper hand in both custody of children and maintaining the marital residence in a divorce.


If you are facing a PFA, be sure to contact an attorney to learn the ramifications of a PFA, defenses to a PFA, and other available options available before final determination of a PFA.

As with every area of law, it is important that the client trust the attorney who represents them. When you call my office, you will either talk to me or leave a message that comes straight to me, no middle man. I offer up free 20-30 minute consultations.

Call to find out if Nicholas A. Frisk III is the right attorney for you.

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